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ruppert2Quando aprite questo non conoscete l’ingese..fate “traduci ” con traduzione ovviamente non è un pò d’ comprenderete il significato.

aprite anche il trailer del film documentario

(sulla sinistra Watch a clip..They knew This was coming

He Believes It, Even If You Don’t: Michael Ruppert seems deeply convinced of the “conspiracy facts” he airs in Collapse, but his tears aren’t proof of his prophecies.

November 5, 2009

So this is how the world ends: Not with an action-movie bang, but with a guy sitting in a darkened room, chain-smoking and warning that “things are falling apart.”

The guy is Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles Police Department officer and noted conspiracy theorist — although he says he deals in “conspiracy fact,” not theory. In Collapse, Ruppert states things that are clearly true, makes claims that are fairly plausible and delivers predictions that no viewer without a time machine can adequately evaluate.

Pubblicato 28 giugno 2010 da sorriso47 in Attualità, Popoli e politiche


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